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Want experience the perfect blend of beauty and durability in your kitchen worktop, furniture and floor? Welcome to Finesse Concrete Interiors! We are the designers, manufacturers, and installers of polished concrete in Brighton. Our products are ideal for domestic as well as commercial use. They demand minimal maintenance and last a lifetime; sophistication and elegance define them best. Years of experience have taught us how to conjure up creative designs every time and install the products flawlessly.

We, at Finesse, make the best use of the unlimited design possibilities that concrete offers. With us, you will have stunning worktops and furniture that are available in a variety of finishes, patterns, gloss, and colours. Invite the magic into your residence and office; welcome home the polished concrete products from Finesse concrete interiors.

Our approach is highly artistic. At Finesse, we follow simple steps and make use of state-of-the-art technologies to polish concrete. The concrete undergoes fine grinding with diamond polishing pads. As per customer needs, we also make use of dyes to produce coloured concrete. A chemical densifier is used to treat the product so that it hardens and allows easy polishing. Also, we make use of a grouting chemical, which does away with undulations, imperfections, cracks, and holes, if any. Finally, a sealant of natural tone is used so that the product can resist stains, moisture, and oil spills.


  • This material is as┬ásustainable as granite, marble, steel, and timber.
  • It is low maintenance; mopping with a little soapy water would be enough.
  • Polished concrete does not allow the breeding of mould or allergens.
  • It is an ideal solution for building green, modernise cooking space.
  • Worktops built from this material are non slippery.
  • Because the polishing makes the material reflective, it enhances natural lighting as well.
  • It is aesthetically superior; the method can transform an ordinary looking surface into a glossy, shiny, beautiful countertop.
  • It is an eco-friendly surface as it does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Most of all, it is easily available and cost effective.


  • Our work is a reflection of the passion we have for polished concrete products.
  • We are committed to our vision of timely delivery of quality services and products.
  • Our range of concrete furniture is available at the most competitive prices.
  • The products can be an elegant addition to any modern home or office.
  • Find beautifully crafted designs that have oodles of class and come in a myriad of shades.
  • We recognise the different requirements of homes and offices and offer products that meet the varied expectations of clients.
  • Our craftsmen are skilled and produce furnishings that are exquisite, functional, and heavy-duty.
  • Years of experience have enriched us with the knowledge needed to craft out concrete marvels that stand out in design.
  • At Finesse, we go beyond the conventional to achieve the best with concrete.


We have some of the best talents of the industry working for us. Our professionals are skilful and well versed with the nitty-gritty of concrete polishing. Creativity is the way of working in our firm; we bring to you high-end designs that are unique and beyond ordinary.

Quality and customer satisfaction top our priority list; we make use of high grade materials and modern equipment to produce quality products. The best part is, all this incredibility can be enjoyed at the most competitive price range.

Looking for a reliable polished concrete product manufacturer in Brighton? Look no further than Finesse.

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