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Finesse Concrete Interiors presents to you a range of polished concrete worktops in Chichester, custom-built to client requirements. Here is your chance to impart a rustic-urban feel to your workspace whether it be in the home or for your business. These countertops are an incredible blend of functionality, art, and versatility. Years of experience and aesthetic sensibility has taught us how to create masterpieces out of concrete to set them up within homes and commercial spaces. At Finesse, we aim at satiating customer needs and exceed expectations to the utmost. Bank on us for high-quality concrete worktops and furniture that are fabricated without cutting corners. You can have them installed in private residences, hotels, restaurants, and even in office buildings. Still looking for reasons to go for these products? Let’s show you some.

Impression: Polished concrete looks and feels great. And, when it comes to innovation, it offers a scope that is without limits. It allows experimenting with bold colours and beautiful designs of various sizes and shapes. In short, products of the like are an opportunity to make a long-lasting impression. They express class and sophistication to the fullest. So, do the prospects excite you?

Affordability: All these advantages can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. Polished concrete is an affordable option if you want to set up a worktop of any kind. The material is easy to clean, low maintenance, and highly sustainable.

Utility: Apart from the grand looks, these products score high on the utility meter. They very durable and can endure daily wear and tear to a great extent. On them, you can place hot pans, spill water and do whatever you want to, but they will never wear out. They are moisture repellent and don’t encourage the accumulation of moulds, allergens and dirt. At Finesse, we make sure to seal the worktops properly with a protective sealant, so that they don’t stain like marble, scratch like steel, and decay like wood. What efficiency!


The uniqueness of designs is something we, at Finesse, always strive for. This is why we have facilitated customisation of our products as per client needs; the motive is to create individual and exquisite concrete worktops in Chichester. We visualise our creations as pieces of art and also as utilitarian products, and bring to you a variety of colours that you can flaunt. From natural and neutral tones to bold shades – you name it, we have it.

In a nutshell, our products can sit in your homes and commercial spaces as decors and even as serviceable objects. We are experienced and experts; nobody knows the way around with polished concrete like we do. Let our worktops be a cost effective addition to your residence. Want to find out more? then just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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